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Total Supply Chain management.

Celebrating Our 30th Year

Accounts Payable

Provides on-line, accurate, up to the minute, cash requirements, to enhance:

· Payment voucher selection

· Discount tracking,

· On-line data inquiries, and Payment options:

· Hold payment

· Laser check printing

· Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Features and Benefits

· Reporting healthcare and miscellaneous.

· Color-coded 1099 line indicator.

· Invoices processed by invoice or voucher information.

· Payment of recurring expenses.

· Accounting of pre-paid expenses.

· Reversal or cancellation of checks anytime.

· Check reconciliation feature.

· Print checks on blank check paper, system assigns check numbers.

· Cash requirement with discount eligibility.

· Cash requirements of all vouchers to be paid.

· Versatile payment selection process

· Ability to override payment terms in vendor database.

· On-demand check printing.

· Hold payment of all checks to specific vendor.

· Interfaces to any GL system with HL-7 interface standard.

· Multi-user operations.

· Computes discounts.

· Easy entry of credit and debit memos.

· Handles all General Ledger distribution and allows the user to change the distribution anytime before the update.

· Multi-entity capabilities.

· Provides a General Ledger distribution report in General Ledger account number order with subtotals on each account.

· Vendor inquiry allows user to view status of a vendor at any time.

· Pop-up query screens or reports can be inserted into any AP program so that inquires can be accessed without leaving main entry screen.

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