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Efficiently, and effectively manages perpetual, JIT, or stock-less inventories. Automatically updating receipts from purchases, issues, returns, transfers, and allocation of inventory.

Product Summary

*  Offers Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), which indicates what to order based on order cost, carrying cost and distribution days.
*  Offers Just In Time (JIT) and Stockless Inventory Systems and Par Level inventories.
*  Provides control of inventory, cart par level comparisons for non-stock and exchange cart items, tracks inventory turns and identifies obsolescence.
*  Scan-n-Count™ interfaces with nationally approved bar code systems and electronically communicates with vendors for ordering, stock status and backorder information.
*  Maintains accurate re-order points, minimums and maximums allowing advance planning for usage trends automatically.
*  Allows for routine storeroom catalog generation and taking physical inventory.
*  Classifies items as ABC. ABC analysis helps us in re-ordering, evaluation of inventory and minimizing investment.
*  Minimizes stock outs and tracks backorders not only from vendors but also from storeroom to other departments.
*  Participates in vendors' consignment programs reducing investment, identifying substitute items and accommodating inventory off-site if necessary.
*  Identifies patient charge items, tracks lost charges and identifies unauthorized reductions in inventory. *  Produces daily re-order advice report by item and vendor for buyers. This saves time and offers a systematic approach to making the best buy.
*  System supports Reusable's, consignments, stock, non-stock and direct charge items.
*  The Inventory Optimizer: automatic recalculation of reorder points by location. 

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