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Total Supply Chain management.

Celebrating Our 30th Year

Purchase order creation, transmission, and management, to insure the right product, to the right department, at the right time, and at the right price. Seamlessly integrated with contract management for best price procurement, and optimal contract compliance.

Product Summary

Automates entire purchasing process for all supplies and equipment focusing on the patients needs in a streamlined efficient process.

Accessing on-line, up to the minute information on:

· Vendors

· Contracts

· Items

· Prices

· Quantities

· One click to add a one time vendor.

· Add non-file item to a purchase order and the IMF at the same time.

· View a picture of the item in numerous programs.

· Super Lookup drills down to find an item with minimal information.

· Unlimited PO types customize the way you do business.

i.Pac- Intuitive Procession Application logic. Work flow technology built into all applications that monitors your business process.



Direct to the vendor EDI software to transmit, acknowledge and invoice match orders.                                                                                             Transaction sets supported:

· 810 invoice

· 820 payment order / remittance advice

· 821 credit / debit

· 832 price / sales catalog

· 836 contract award

· 840 request for quotation

· 850 purchase order

· 855 PO acknowledgement

· 856 ship notice

Currently working on the next EDI generation - E-Commerce.

Contract System

· Contract prices updated by GPO and vender utilizing 832 transaction set.

System automatically notifies when contracts near termination date.

Returned Goods

· Code, credit and track returns right through the invoice matching process.

Track repairs to the vendor.


· System supports Microsoft Outlook e-mail program.

· Prompt the next person in the signature approval process by simply starting the requisition process.

Department Budget Tracking

· Track department budgets before placing the order.

· Track usage and purchase dollars through purchase order entry, cart issues, and department transfers with flexible monthly percentages or dollar amounts by department.

· Immediate budget adjustment, departments can match their budget before receipt.

· Flags purchasing before releasing a purchase order.

Tracks actual expenditures and projects yearly budgets based on monthly trends.

Asset Tracking

· Flexibility of PO types let you to track assets, capital expenditures and projects.

Just start the process i.Pac does the rest.

Track Hazardous Materials

Unlimited number of sub-class types can be entered for tracking, reporting, and location item.

Latex Containing Products

· Any products that need special user warnings including MSDS reports can be made available through the system.

Automation of Receiving

Receivers access on-line, up to the minute information on Purchase Orders.

· One key stroke receiving

· Unit of issue receiving

· Partial receiving

· Over Receiving

· Unlimited comments viewable throughout the system.

· Department Budget Tracking

Compose Purchase Orders, then transmit directly to vendors using standard ANSI X.12, EDI capabilities, or system fax capabilities and soon e-Commerce.

Unlimited Customized PO types tailored to your hospital unique needs in receiving and accounting

· An immediate, electronic on-line real time update of goods received, increasing inventory and alerting departments that goods are available for use.

· An improved backorder system that informs purchasing and tracks vendor performance.

· Inquiry that allows receiver to look up details of delivery without a packing slip and find the PO.

Data entry program for Equipment Tracking, Safe Medical Devices, dated materials, asset tracking and capital depreciation.

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