Managing payment requirements by putting critical payables information online, at your departments fingertips for immediate access.  Accounts Payable seamlessly integrates invoice, purchase order, and receipt data to maximize discount benefits, and payment flow based on the needs of your organization.

Provides on-line, accurate, up to the minute, cash requirements, to enhance:

ˇ Payment voucher selection

ˇ Discount tracking,

ˇ On-line data inquiries, and Payment options:

ˇ Hold payment

ˇ Laser check printing

ˇ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Features and Benefits

ˇ Reporting healthcare and miscellaneous.

ˇ Color-coded 1099 line indicator.

ˇ Invoices processed by invoice or voucher information.

ˇ Payment of recurring expenses.

ˇ Accounting of pre-paid expenses.

ˇ Reversal or cancellation of checks anytime.

ˇ Check reconciliation feature.

ˇ Print checks on blank check paper, system assigns check numbers.

ˇ Cash requirement with discount eligibility.

ˇ Cash requirements of all vouchers to be paid.

ˇ Versatile payment selection process

ˇ Ability to override payment terms in vendor database.

ˇ On-demand check printing.

ˇ Hold payment of all checks to specific vendor.

ˇ Interfaces to any GL system with HL-7 interface standard.

ˇ Multi-user operations.

ˇ Computes discounts.

ˇ Easy entry of credit and debit memos.

ˇ Handles all General Ledger distribution and allows the user to change the distribution anytime before the update.

ˇ Multi-entity capabilities.

ˇ Provides a General Ledger distribution report in General Ledger account number order with subtotals on each account.

ˇ Vendor inquiry allows user to view status of a vendor at any time.

ˇ Pop-up query screens or reports can be inserted into any AP program so that inquires can be accessed without leaving main entry screen.