Automatically matches purchase order, receipt, and invoice data, to insure proper payment of products, and services, based on established payment terms, maximizing prompt payment discounts. Electronically distributes invoicing discrepancies for efficient, and effective resolution.

Automatically matches PO, receipts, and invoice, to insure payment of only the products actually received.

ˇ Incorporates established payment terms, maximizing prompt payment discounts.

ˇ Hot key to exceptions, problems, or unmatched vouchers based on user profile.

ˇ Electronically sends discrepancies to original buyer for resolution.

ˇ Electronically matches invoices for automated ANXI X.12 vendors.

ˇ Line item distribution of discounts, taxes, and freight.

ˇ Variance tolerance matching by dollar and percentage.

ˇ Returns are indicated on matching screen.


ˇ View items on other vouchers with a click.

ˇ Communicate with buyer by entering invoice data and creating an exception.

ˇ Enter credit dept memos to print on the check

ˇ Enter comments for buyer by line item.

ˇ Ability to enter items on the invoice and not on the purchase order.

Ability to click to any item on other invoices