Enterprise-wide on-line requisitioning system for user’s product, and service selection or reference. More accurate, and efficient than traditional paper based systems. With information, such as unit(s) of issue, item number, description, vendor, cost, and more, on-line, at the user's fingertips for immediate access 

Item Pictures

View color pictures of items in numerous programs including On Line Requisitioning.
Capture digital camera pictures of your custom packs and kits and easily make them viewable to the healthcare network.
Up load entire catalogs with item pictures….reduce phone calls.
Pictures are not loaded with the program, reduces network traffic


  • Automates the daily restocking of departments’ requisitions.
  • Purchasing can maintain all facets of the applications to end users.
  • Signature approval process.
  • E-mail prompts next level of approval process.
  • Saves the time of inputting issues.
  • Automatically inputs purchase orders for EDI.
  • Provides daily accounting of all items.
  • Efficiently processes stock, non-stock and non-file requisitions.
  • Allows for efficient pick of stock items.
  • Allows for addition/subtraction of items, programs and catalogs.
  • Step by step security process
  • Precisely defines demand to the purchasing department.