Scan-n-Go® is a totally integrated Point of Use System that will control inventory and Patient chargeable items. Each Remote Stocking Location (RSL) will have a Scan-n-Go® unit located at the Point Of Use. All connected to a central PC workstation. The central processing PC workstation is the master control for all Scan-n-Go® functionality, including interfaces to the Materials Management System, ADT and Billing systems.

Today’s Managed Care contracts have forced many hospitals to discover and track product usage by diagnosis, and procedure. This information is invaluable in discovering the bottom line costs to analyze your procedures and be competitive in a managed care environment. Scan-n-Go® gives you the ability to identify, analyze and control costs simply, and easily.

The problem has existed for years. How to institute a Point of Use system that will not slow the already busy clinician with another task. EHS has years of experience designing systems that are simple to use. 

Critical Levels

Scan-n-Go® monitors each departments inventory levels. When a critical inventory level is reached, Scan-n-Go® instantly processes the replenishment data needs to the appropriate location. The same item can have different critical levels throughout the healthcare system.